Luxury is changing.

Now this word means quality, uniqueness.
Luxury is becoming more and more a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a way to be a sperimental trendsetter, but with respect for nature.

Luxury as lifestyle

Yes, because we are sharing a world with finite resources which we must care about.
For this reason more attention has been given to the environmental footprint of the clothing industry: it is important to improve fashion through technological innovation, online shopping and practices that are positive for the environment.

The Peta denunces

Just in these days investigators from animal rights charity PETA, filmed Cachemire farms and obtained footage of goats being abused and hurt. The immediate reaction from lots of brands is already started: they are banning the use of Cachemire wool from their production.

Transparency in luxury manifacturing

But, in luxury, the direct control on the complete process is easier and more transparent, starting from the made-to-measure production.
With this business model a producer can make the ordered garments, without spending time and resources in thousands of clothes that will never be used!

At the same time you can know who really is the producer and where it is from: often it is an exclusive maison, with a few specialized master craftmen.
Buying from these companies can contribute to make a place renown, with a positive social impact that can help a product to be totally green and ethically positive.

But the commitment has to be deeper: an ethical brand has to select only sustaibable raw materials.

For example it is important to choose organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile System (GOTS) which is grown without the use of any genetically modification, fertilizers, pesticides.

In the same way, it’s important to choose only wools cutted by selected shearers from animals that live in natural reserves with mulesing-free certification. The brand identity too has an important role to demonstrate the manifacturer philosophy: our suggestion is to check if even the labels and the packaging are sustainable.

Despite these trends, sustainable products currently on the market are a small percentage of the global offer, and the goal for 100% sustainable fashion is still far away. The important thing is to have started and to proceed with determination on this trend.

Aesthego for a better future

Aesthego, as luxury ethical bespoke, embrace the will to create a better future for the planet and its inhabitants.

We do this with concrete and direct actions, because we believe more in concrete actions than in words: we always select environmentally friendly materials, whenever possible. To give you an example, we have decided to use only GOTS cotton, mulesing free wool, FSC mais paper, reusable stylish garnment bags as packaging, and we started to support foundations active in environment preservation.

Indeed, every purchase will have its environmental and social positive impact, starting from a tree gifted to our customer.

What are you waiting for then?
Are you looking for a new luxurious way to dress that can make you the trendsetter of the new era?
Start your exclusive online shopping experience in a personalized and sustainable way with Aesthego!

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