Menswear art from Milan to Pietrasanta


The young fashion designer Irene Laudini has her debut in Versilia, among the artworks of the artist Sauro Cavallini.
The event, in collaboration with Enrico Paoli’s Art Gallery and Sauro Cavallini’s Research Centre, has been realized mixing art, design and fashion.
However, Aesthego’s fashion show was set in a display of creative lightening which gave life to an original and surreal performance among the monumental masterpieces by Master Sculptor Sauro Cavallini, exposed in Piazzetta San Martino and in the Campanile del Duomo.

A new luxury brand, a new collection

Thanks to the event, the guests were able to observe the FW 19-20 collection from up close, in one of the most suggestive and fascinating locations in Pietrasanta, where Michelangelo himself is said to have given life to the incredible structure of the Campanile del Duomo.
The collection was born with eco-chic sustainable fabrics made in Biella (Italy).
The event aimed to support the birth of the Luxury Brand Aesthego. The event was organized thanks also to the partnership with ‘Flying Art Studio’, coordinated by Ilie Iulian Paraschiv, who took care of the scenic design and set-up.

About Duomo of Pietrasanta and the Bell Tower

The Church has three aisles clad made with the white marble. The door, on the right hand side, has a lunette painted by Bonuccio Pardini in the 13th century. Of the same period is the rose-window by Riccomanni.

The tower of about 36 meters that stands on the side of the church is an unfinished work: the original project was provided with coverture on marble. It was built between the XV and the XVI century. Inside the tower there is an helicoidal shaped staircase designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The work had been directed by the tuscan architect Donato Benti.


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