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How to dress sustainable luxury?

| Earth-friendly | 7 Comments

Luxury is changing. Now this word means quality, uniqueness. Luxury is becoming more and more a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a way to be a sperimental trendsetter, but with…


Bespoke, sustainable suits: Aesthego, Luxury Ethical Bespoke

| Tailoring | No Comments

Bespoke Suits Only Aesthego creates solely custom bespoke suits, a much more exclusive creative process in comparison to the Made to Measure┬ámethod. Aesthego’s team wants to offer you the best…

look for business meeting

A suit for success: how to dress in a business meeting

| Tailoring | No Comments

Looking for some suggestions for a perfect business look? Indeed, what you are wearing during a business meeting is really important: not only it represents your way to be, but…

suit colors meaning

Suit colors: their meaning and the ‘first impression’

| Tailoring | No Comments

First of all, let me get something straight: in our world the packaging is the first thing we evaluate, it gives credibility and impact to the product. It goes without…

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