Looking for some suggestions for a perfect business look?
Indeed, what you are wearing during a business meeting is really important: not only it represents your way to be, but it could influence the result of the meeting itself, impressing an important client, a foundamental connection or an employer.

The business outfit must be composed by elegant clothes, but at the same time it should be glamourous and inspire credibility, trust and a specific vision.

Business meeting dress: the ultimate guide

Here begins the competition of the business corporate world, but don’t worry, we will be by your side with a specialized guide about this.

Choose the right look

The formal suit, together with the cotton shirt, is the must have element of the look of a successful businessman.
There are many suits in different different colors and forms, we will clarify what and how to choose in the next articles.

Choose to dress the right fit

Your clothes should be well-fit. If the trousers are dragging on the floor and your blazer doesn’t fit well, you will give a sloppy and definitevely not precise impression. For this reason, we recommend you to wear a custom suit that perfectly dresses your body. It will always guarantee you the comfort for which you are looking for and will make you feel at ease.

Hairstyle: an essential part of the look

Your hair-style is important as much as the look you will choose. It must be tidy and well delineated.

Few accessories

“Less is more” seems the paradigm of the modern design. Basically, this is a very simple concept: with only a few correct and necessary accessories you will succeed in valorizing your personality without giving an excessive apperance. Only in this way it’s going to be you getting all the attention, not your accessories.

The pen: so necessary and elegant. Also in this choice you will represent your status and your refinement. Have you ever tried to unsheathe your Montblanc in the revision of the documents during your business meeting?

The watch: an accessory you cannot live without an IWC Schafausen, a Rolex, or a Blancpain Watches.

Cufflinks: they will be necessary for the most important occasions. From the classical to more exotic designs, you can choose in the ranges of the yellow and white gold, in combination with the chrome of the watch that you have to the wrist.

The shoes: as the suit, custom handmade footwears that can fit as a glove are essential. Nemanti, for instance, is an italian brand which creates luxury vegan shoes.

The fragrance: it’s important to choose those more exclusive and created custom-made for you from your maître parfumeur, choosing traditional and enchanting bases but not excessive.

A way to shine

These suggestions will prepare you to your business event: this tips will not only make you feel more at your ease (with yourself and with others), but also they will allow you to shine, leaving a very positive memory of you and your meeting.

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