In the previews articles, we have seen how important it is to choose the correct look (and suit) to express your own personality and to define the success of an important business meeting.

We have seen how design, shape, color, fabric, and also ethics of the suit you’re wearing tell a story, YOUR story.

The Menswear luxury shopping experience

Indeed, as much as the suit expresses our ethics, it also gets peoples’ curiosity and attention on yourself, while marking an impression in the mind of your interlocutor. Bespoke and customization are, therefore not only the keywords for success, but also for the menswear luxury shopping experience. A growing and irrinunciabile¬†phenomenon for who wants to get out from the mass and to express his own status.

In fashion, however, the tailoring world represents the most ancient form of contact between who creates and who purchases: today this can happen in a digital platform, no matter how far you are from your designer!

What is the new true luxury

Being able to express your personality both from the aesthetical and ethical point of view, represents the true luxury.

For this reason, the philosophy of Aesthego proposes the exclusiveness of the luxury Bespoke: the desire to rediscover authenticity and to renew the special relationship between tailor and client.

Therefore, our mission is to always persue elegance, style and a profound attention for details, beginning from the high quality selected materials: combed wool and twill, highlighting the importance of the cut and the innovative design shapes.

Do you feel close to this concepts and want to express your personality with an Aesthego suit? Our team will be at your side in the choice of the perfect suit for every occasion.

How Aesthego expresses this value

Our luxurious menswear collections are constituted, in fact, by selected suits and shirts, from the most formal night blue looks with shawl collar, to the most informal look in light blue color with applied pockets. Every design is already combined by Aesthego in a perfect match of colors and fabrics. This way you will be perfect and ready for the occasion you need the new look for.

Why do you need a look by Aesthego?

Besides, wearing a suit by Aesthego, you will be certain to have, during every meeting, a detail that differentiates you: a design detail that represents search, innovation and taste for the beauty.
Not only: choosing Aesthego for the ethics that expresses and search, you will transmit it to your interlocutor, bringing value and sustainability beyond the words. A mission, beyond the lifestyle.
All this supported by craftmanship, that is living a new spring and it interests the whole world of contemporary luxury.

But not any craftmanship: they are Tuscan master tailors who know how to trasmit the experience, the culture, the history of our territory. A region confined among hills and mountains, breathing the salty air of the sea.

Choosing Aesthego you will be certain to wear luxury, quality, ethics, personalization, culture and design in a single garment, tailored exclusively for you.

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