Bespoke Suits Only

Aesthego creates solely custom bespoke suits, a much more exclusive creative process in comparison to the Made to Measure method.
Aesthego’s team wants to offer you the best experience, expressing it in a 100% italian designed suit, realized by masterful tuscan tailors.
Everything is created in the inspirational context of the Tuscan culture, with a green and positive attitude.

Italian design: an iconic touch

Tuscan countryside fields
The italian design, is directly realized by the Aesthego’s team. It is created analyzing and interpreting the trends forecast to draw a collection that makes you feel at ease for your business events. But, at the same time, it is constituted by innovative suits with new details that can help you to distinguish yourself.

Tuscan tailoring: our secret

The tailoring is taken care of by the hands of Tuscan artisans. It is created containing the magic of this territory and its culture in a single unique wearable work of art.

Green suits: ethic as unique possible choice

cotton plantsTo link the notes of the Italian design and the Tuscan tailoring, Aesthego leads the way with its brand positive ethics.
Aesthego chooses only green raw materials.
Wools originated from cruelty free natural reserves, where sheeps are shorn by a team of specialized shearers and where the animals can freely pasture.
The biological cottons are selected only among the proposals with GOTS certification. The accessories do not play a secondary role in this selection: the buttons are realized in corozo, known as ‘vegetable ivory’, without also notching in this case any animal-origin resource.

But for us “ecology” means “ethicality“, at 360°. It means taking care of you. Have you ever thought about how many times you put the cell phone in the lining pocket of your jacket? We did. For this reason, we have decided to set your comfort at the center of our goals. For this purpose, we realize the linings of the pockets in a screening fabric, taking care of you and your health.

To complete the ethical message, Aesthego has decided to create a movement: part of the earnings of each purchase will be devolved for social, environmental, landscape, cultural initiatives.

We decided to make these points the mission of Aesthego not only to guarantee the quality but also the comforts given by the completely handmade craftmanship and custom modifications at your demand: from the pattern to the stitching we will create a suit which tells a personalized story, your story!

Online bespoke: the tailoring of the future

bespoke suit was not enough, so we pooled our efforts to create an ethical tailoring experience online, able to ignore the distances.
Thanks to the new online platform Aesthego, you can choose with few clicks your ethical, custom, and completely handmade suit for you. Suits, shirts, pants: you can directly purchase your custom garment in real time from your smartphone, tablet or pc, in a simple and fast way.

A revolution in the tailoring world to succeed in offering you the craftmenship of Made in Tuscany and Made in Italy through the digital platform anywhere you are.

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