If you reach your business destination and your luxury suit is wrinkled, here are some fast and easy solutions to take care of your suit!

Remove wrinkles in one night

If your suit is made of virgin wool, it just needs to be placed overnight on the hanger (better near an open window).
With some fresh air it will return to its original conditions.

What you need: a hanger and some fresh air

  1. Fold your trousers and place them on a hanger;
  2. Next, place your jacket on the hanger too. For quicker results, place some tissue paper inside sleeves and shoulders of the jacket and leave the garment to hang overnight.

Wrinkles out in 30 minutes

Think about investing in a compact steamer to take along with you on business trips. This item can be both inexpensive and handy.
Howerver, if you do not have your own steamer, you may ask to borrow one from the staff at the hotel where you are staying.
In cases where you need to get the wrinkles out of your suit, but you have only about 30 minutes before an appointment, here is what you can do.

What you need: an hanger and a steamer

  1. Spill some cold water into the water tank and plug the steamer in. Generally in 2-3 minutes steam begins to form;
  2. Hang your suit (for example if you’re in your hotel room you can hang it on the back of a chair);
  3. Push the trigger on the handle and run the steamer in downward along the fabric, without pressing or pushing the fabric against anything;
  4. After the steaming your suit will be damp. Do not be alarmed: let the garment sit for 5-10 minutes after steaming and then dress it!

Wrinkles out in 15 minutes

If the event will starts in a few minutes, and your question is: ‘how to get my wrinkled suit ready in 15 minutes‘?
Here we have a tip just for you.

What you need: an hanger, a shower stall

You can turn your bathroom into a sauna, but do it only in extreme necessity: think about the environment.

A last tip for removing wrinkles from your suit

Did you know that after a having been in a suitcase a real bespoke suit is less wrinkled than a made to measure industrial suit?
Aesthego’s bespoke suits are completely created by Tuscan master tailors with handmade stitching and half canvas: thanks to this and to the accurate research of the right fabric, the suit is more elastic and, when folded, it easily returns in its original state.

Do you want a suit without wrinkles after your next travel (as well as ethical and totally handmade in Tuscany)?
During your travel take a moment for yourself and have a look to our website aesthego.com.

You’ll save time for your next travel.
Try it to believe it!